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Fargas Roca, Miquel Àngel
Castellterçol, Vallès Oriental 1858 - Barcelona 1916
Doctor, Gynecologist, Politician.

He studied in Barcelona together with Bartolomeu Robert and Jaume Pi. He specialised in gynaecology and in 1893 he became Professor of gynaecology at the faculty of medicine.

Farreras Valenti, Pere
Barcelona 1916 - Barcelona 1968
Doctor, Professor.

He studied in Barcelona, Jena and Zurich. He collaborated with doctor Pedro i Pons in the writing of Patalogía y clínica médica (1951). .

Faura Sans, Marià
Barcelona 1883 - Barcelona 1941
Geologist, Paleontologist, Priest.

Priest (1908). He was disciple of Font i Sagué, Almera and Bofill i Poch; actualising their works. He studied different shellfish, specially from the Palaeozoic age.

Faust Schmidt, Carl
Hadamar (Alemanya) 1874 - Blanes 1952

Entrepreneur and founder of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden in Blanes. Born in Hadamar, a small town near Frankfurt am Main, and now part of the city’s conurbation, he showed an interest in botany from an early age. With only eleven years, he already gathered his first plant collections around his hometown.

Ferran Clua, Jaume
Corbera de Terra Alta 1852 - Barcelona 1929
Bacteriologist, Doctor.

In 1873 he finished his studies in medicine in Barcelona. Interested in bacteriology he researched into epizootic diseases. Because of his skills in photography, he could take pictures of the bacterial cultures.

Ferrer Sensat, Angeleta
Barcelona 1904 - Barcelona 1992
Educator, Professor, Teacher.

She devoted over 50 years of her life to teaching. Daughter and granddaughter of teachers, she continued the type of open and innovative school promoted by her mother, the pedagogue Rosa Sensat i Villa. In her own words, “education is a more a work of love than of science.”

Folch Pi, Jordi
Barcelona 1911 - Boston, Massachusetts 1979
Biochemist, Neurochemist.

Catalan biochemist at Harvard University (McLean Hospital) who is recognized universally as one of the founders of the field of structural chemistry of complex lipids and as a leader in the development of Neurochemistry as a distinct discipline within the Neurosciences.

Font Quer, Pius
Lleida 1888 - Barcelona 1964
Botanist, Chemist, Pharmacist.

He finished chemistry studies in Barcelona (1908) and got his Ph.D. degree of pharmacy in 1914 in Madrid. In 1917 he became Professor of botany in the faculty of pharmacy at the Universitat de Barcelona (1917-1922),

Fontserè Riba, Eduard
Barcelona 1870 - Barcelona 1970
Meteorologist, Seismologist.

He finished his studies in physics-mathematics sciences in 1891 and he got his Ph.D. degree in 1894. He organized and directed during 67 years the Servicio Horario, which was the organisation that fixed the official time in Barcelona. At first, the official time was given by the stars position seen from the dome of the Acadèmia de Ciències.

Frias Roig, Alexandre
Reus 1878 - Reus 1963
Doctor, Pediatrician.

His work for the education and the promotion of child health led to a significant reduction in the infant mortality rate first in Reus and later, thanks to the dissemination of his work, throughout the region and the state. All his effort was based on the idea of a comprehensive health action.