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Faura Sans, Marià

Barcelona 1883 - Barcelona 1941. Geologist, Paleontologist, Priest

Priest (1908). He was disciple of Font i Sagué, Almera and Bofill i Poch; actualising their works. He studied different shellfish, specially from the Palaeozoic age.

He was teacher of mineralogy, botany and crystallography in the Universitat de Barcelona, and teacher in the Escola d'Agricultura de Barcelona. He studied the hydro-geology of the central Pyrenees and deposits of petroleum in Sant Joan de les Abadesses i de Ribesalbes. He founded a meteorological station in Vielha and published his seismic works. He collaborated in the geological map of Catalunya (1:100000 scale) that was published by the Mancomunitat, and directed the paleontology section of the Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona (1919-1922). He discovered some unknown minerals and a new specie of Elephas (1922). Some of his works about different subjects of natural science were published.

Main works

  • Sota terra (1909)
  • La espeleología de Cataluña (1911)
  • Cuenca potásica de Cataluña (1926)
  • Expedició científica per la Fennoscàndia (1931) 

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Faura Sans, Marià