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Jardí Borràs, Ramon
Tivissa, Ribera d'Ebre 1881 - Barcelona 1972

Member of the Acadèmia de Ciències i Arts (1914). He was a teacher in the school of Electricitat de la Universitat Industrial (1917) and Professor of the University of Barcelona from 1930 to 1951.

Jonch Cuspinera, Antoni
Granollers 1916 - Granollers 1992
Cultural Manager.

Nature lover and enthusiast from an early age, in 1934 he moved to Madrid to study pharmacy and studied botany with professor José Cuatrecasas. The Spanish Civil War interrupted his studies, which he continued in Barcelona once the dictatorship was established. Always interested in the cultural and scientific development of Granollers, he participated and worked in several of the city’s organizations and administrations.