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Palau Albet, Jaume
Calafell 1935 - Vilassar de Dalt 2000

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Parés Farràs, Ramon
Barcelona 1927 - Viladecans 2018

He became an adult during the Spanish Civil War and in the difficult post-war period and therefore the milestones he achieved were not easy. Dr. Ramón Parés has had a long career in the field of science and its teaching, the study of its history, scientific research, and its application and promotion.

Pascual de Sans, Pere
Sevilla 1934 - Barcelona 2006

Son of Josep Pascual i Vila and Montserrat de Sans i Coret. He was born in Sevilla in 1934, where his father was Professor of Organic Chemistry. In 1936 his family moved to Barcelona.

Pascual Vila, Josep
Mataró 1895 - Barcelona 1979

He was born in Mataró in 1895, son of Pere Pascual i Tayeda and Gertrudis Vila i Ribes. He died in Barcelona in 1979.

Pascual Xufré, Griselda
Barcelona 1926 - Barcelona 2001

She spent her childhood in a stimulating intellectual environment. Her father, Julio Pascual, was a renowned painter, and two of her aunts were schoolteachers. Griselda Pascual studied at the private school, Women’s Cultural Institution (Institució Cultural Femenina), under the guidance of her aunts, one of whom was headmaster.

Patxot Jubert, Rafael
Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Baix Empordà 1872 - Ginebra 1964
Bibliophile, Meteorologist, Patron, Writer.

Man of great temperament, he devoted himself to the patronage of the Catalan culture, mainly during the Dictatorship of Primo de Rivera that culminated in the Institution Patxot.

Pau Espanyol, Carles
Sogorb, Alt Palància 1857 - Sogorb, Alt Palància 1937

He studied in Barcelona and Madrid. He got his Ph.D. degree in pharmacy. He was interested in the plant taxonomy and his work is showed in a plant book where he described a lot of new plant species from Spain, Morocco and Mauritania.

Pedro Pons, Agustí
Barcelona 1898 - Barcelona 1971
Doctor, Educator.

Doctor. He studied with Francesc Esquerdo i Ferrer i Soldevicens, and in 1927 he became Professor of pathology and clinical medicine at the faculty of medicine in Barcelona, where he was also a teacher. He attended several congresses and was the president of different institutions: the Instituto Médico-farmacéutico, the Academia de Ciencias Médicas (1939-58) and the Academia de Medicina de Barcelona (1957-71).

Pi Sunyer, August
Barcelona 1879 - Mèxic 1965

In 1902, he founded the Societat Catalana de Biologia and later on he became Professor of physiology at the University of Barcelona, where he promoted the study of physiology. In the Laboratorio Bacteriológico Municipal and in the Institut de Fisiologia he worked as a teacher and researcher.

Planas Mestres, Josep
Barcelona 1926 - Barcelona 1995
Animal Physiologist, Biologist.

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