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Duran i Reynalds, Francesc Portada Galeria Cientifics Catalans
Duran Reynals, Francesc
Barcelona 1899 - New Haven (USA) 1958
Doctor, Researcher.

He got his Ph.D. degree in Barcelona in 1925 and became disciple of August Pi Sunyer. He did some practical research in the Institut de Fisiologia and in the Laboratori Municipal del Parc, directed by Ramon Turró. He was a member of the Societat Catalana de Biologia and also a member of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans.

Oró Florensa, Joan
Lleida 1923 - Barcelona 2004
Biochemist, Researcher.

Biochemist. Graduated in Chemistry by the University of Barcelona (1947), he doctored in biochemistry at the Baylor College of Medicine of Houston (EUA) on 1956, where he studied the metabolism of the formic acid in the animal tissues, investigations that became the key to study the origin of life and the interpretation of the absence of life in Mart.

Salvà Campillo, Francesc
Barcelona 1751 - Barcelona 1828
Doctor, Researcher.

He participated in the Catalan Enlightenment movement promoting the progress of the science and society. In the field of medicine he fought against superstition thoughts.

Seró Navàs, Prudenci
Cabassers, Priorat 1883 - Cabassers, Priorat 1963
Doctor, Researcher.

Teacher and researcher. He finished his medicine studies at the University of Barcelona in 1908. At first he specialised in ophthalmology, but due to the dead of a member of his family, he quitted his work as a doctor and started his studies of natural sciences at the University of Barcelona.