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Bas Peired, Carles
Bas i Peired, Carles
Barcelona 1922 - Barcelona 2020
Biologist, Marine Biologist.

Carlos Bas i Peired was born in Barcelona. He studied at the Pia Sant Antoni School (Barcelona), and from a very young age he was attracted to natural sciences. After the war, in 1942, he was able to begin his studies at the University of Barcelona. Initially he was interested in botany, the subject of his first publications.

Chiva Royo, Manel
Barcelona 1952 - Barcelona 2011

Manel Chiva Royo was born in Barcelona in 1952. He studied Secondary Education in Pedagogium San Fernando School of Barcelona. After studying the pre-university course in Peñalver Academy of Barcelona he initiated the Bachelor of Biology in the University of Barcelona, obtaining the graduate degree the month of June of 1975.

Colom Casasnovas, Guillem
Sóller, Mallorca 1900 - Sóller, Mallorca 1993

Specialist in Foraminifera and Calpionelida, he discovered about 250 new species and published more than 200 textbooks, scientific articles, etc.

Domingo Sanjuán, Pere
Tarragona 1896 - Barcelona 1979

In 1920, he got his Ph.D. degree in medicine in Barcelona. He collaborated with Ramon Turró in the Laboratori Municipal where he made some interesting research in bacteriology, immunology and sanity.

Isabel Esteve Martínez
Esteve Martínez, Isabel
Barcelona - Barcelona
Biologist, Microbiologist.

Dr. Isabel Esteve Martínez, was Professor of Microbiology since 1992 at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). She was a professor in the Microbiology Unit of the Department of Genetics and Microbiology from 1977 to 2017, and later an honorary professor until August 2019. She held various positions, such as coordinator of the Microbiology Unit at the UAB Campus and director of the Department. She was born in Barcelona on June 15, 1947. Graduated in…

Fuset Tubià, Josep Maria
Sueca, la Ribera Baixa 1871 - Barcelona 1952
Biologist, Naturalist, Politician.

Doctor in Natural Sciences, he was Professor at the Institut de Palma de Mallorca (1900-13) and at the University of Barcelona (1913-41).

García del Cid Arias, Francesc
Málaga 1897 - Barcelona 1965

In 1918 he finished his studies on Natural Science in the University of Barcelona, and in 1930, he got his graduation on Medicine and Surgery. He obtained his Ph.D. in the University of Madrid in 1922.

Maluquer Nicolau, Josep
Barcelona 1883 - Barcelona 1960
Engineer, Naturalist.

He was a member of the Institucio Catalana d’Història Natural, where he became its secretary from 1904 to 1905 and its director in 1951. He was also the director of CAMPSA in 1931 in the republic region during the Spanish Civil War.

Parés Farràs, Ramon
Barcelona 1927 - Viladecans 2018

He became an adult during the Spanish Civil War and in the difficult post-war period and therefore the milestones he achieved were not easy. Dr. Ramón Parés has had a long career in the field of science and its teaching, the study of its history, scientific research, and its application and promotion.

Planas Mestres, Josep
Barcelona 1926 - Barcelona 1995
Animal Physiologist, Biologist.

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Prevosti Pelegrín, Antoni
Barcelona 1919 - Barcelona 2011
Biologist, Geneticist.

Geneticist and professor of genetics at the University of Barcelona. Antoni Prevosti wanted to dedicate himself to genetics even before it was a subject at university. With the perseverance he always defended to be a good scientist, Prevosti reached his goal of becoming a researcher and an active teacher until the end of his life, as retired Professor Emeritus of genetics at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Barcelona (UB).

Pujiula Dilmé, Jaume
Besalú, Garrotxa 1869 - Barcelona 1958

He studied biology in Austria and Germany. In 1910 he founded the Laboratori Biològic de l’Ebre in Tortosa and in 1916 he was one of the founders of the Institut Químic de Sarrià.

Turró Darder, Ramon
Girona 1854 - Barcelona 1926
Biologist, Philosopher.

When he was young he signed up in the army to fight against Carlins. He started studying medicine in Barcelona in 1871, but he quitted the studies three years later.

Vallmitjana Rovira, Lluís
Torredemabarra 1914 - Barcelona 2006
Biologist, Naturalist.

Professor of animal and plant histology at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Barcelona. He was a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona (1982) and the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia (1983). Among his contributions to Catalan science, the promotion of electron microscopy and the creation of the Scientific-Technical Services of the University of Barcelona, are noteworthy.