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Domingo Sanjuán, Pere

Tarragona 1896 - Barcelona 1979. Biologist

In 1920, he got his Ph.D. degree in medicine in Barcelona. He collaborated with Ramon Turró in the Laboratori Municipal where he made some interesting research in bacteriology, immunology and sanity.

He worked as an associated teacher of hygiene in the Univesrsitat Autònoma de Barcelona in 1926 and in 1933, where he also directed some microbiology courses. He was a technician in the fight against malaria programme of the Mancomunitat, he collaborated with the public health system programme helping tuberculosis patients in 1924 that was directed by Lluís Sayé and he was also the director of the Serveis Intercomarcals de Sanitat de la Generalitat. In 1936 he went to Cuba where he directed the typhoid fever section in the Laboratorio Nacional. He became teacher of microbiology in the Instituto Finlay and he created the Instituto Nacional de BCG. He was considered a malaria expert by the OMS. He went back to Catalunya in 1962 where he became the president of the Societat Catalana de Biologia (1930-1932 and 1967-1969), the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (1970-1978) and the Acadèmia de Medicina de Barcelona (1971-1979).

Main works

  • Turró, hombre de ciencia mediterràneo (1970)

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Domingo Sanjuán, Pere Domingo Sanjuán, Pere