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Carreras Barnés, Josep
Palamós 1943 - Barcelona 2014
Biochemist, Doctor.

Doctor and Professor of biochemistry at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona. Carreras was one of the main drivers of biochemistry in Catalonia during the last 40 years. His teaching and research work was essential to restore the work of the Institute of Physiology, created by August Pi i Sunyer in 1921 and removed at the end of the Spanish Civil War in 1939. Born in Palamós, son of a family teachers, studied medicine at the University of Barcelona.

Cornudella Mir, Lluís
Barcelona 1936 - Barcelona 2004
Biochemist, Chemist.

Lluís Cornudella i Mir was born in Barcelona on September 10, 1936, a few months after the start of the Spanish Civil War. It was the fourth of six brothers.

Folch Pi, Jordi
Barcelona 1911 - Boston, Massachusetts 1979
Biochemist, Neurochemist.

Catalan biochemist at Harvard University (McLean Hospital) who is recognized universally as one of the founders of the field of structural chemistry of complex lipids and as a leader in the development of Neurochemistry as a distinct discipline within the Neurosciences.

Oró Florensa, Joan
Lleida 1923 - Barcelona 2004
Biochemist, Researcher.

Biochemist. Graduated in Chemistry by the University of Barcelona (1947), he doctored in biochemistry at the Baylor College of Medicine of Houston (EUA) on 1956, where he studied the metabolism of the formic acid in the animal tissues, investigations that became the key to study the origin of life and the interpretation of the absence of life in Mart.

Palau Albet, Jaume
Calafell 1935 - Vilassar de Dalt 2000

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