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Vives Comallonga, Josep Lluís

Figueres 1897 - Barcelona 1995. Forest Engineer
He joined at the faculty in 1934 and worked in the service of the Republican government between 1931 and 1939 as the head of the Girona Forestry Services Office, and as professor of silviculture and topography illustrator at the Barcelona School of Agricultural Engineering. Living through the Spanish civil war he was appointed to the Barcelona Provincial Council and the Pyrenees Hydrographic Confederation in 1958. He was professor of silviculture and forest industries at the School of Agricultural Specialists of Barcelona (Escuela de Pèrits Agrícolas de Barcelona). 
Vives i Comallonga was a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts in Barcelona from 1948 where defended, alongside the doctor Pius Font i Quer, the entrance of the doctor Oriol de Bolòs y Capdevila into the society. He carried out studies about a possible provincial park on the mountain of Tibidabo (1949) and published various pieces of work on forest entomofauna.

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  • Bolòs, O. de, 1996. Necrología del Sr. José Luis Vives Comallonga. A list of the academic staff 1995-1996, p. 100-102. Barcelona: Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona.

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Vives Comallonga, Josep Lluís