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Trèmols Borrell, Frederic

Cadaqués (Alt Empordà) 1831 - Barcelona 1900. Botanist, Chemist

He was graduated in Pharmacy in Barcelona and he got his PhD in Madrid in 1856. In 1861 he obtained the Chair of InorganicChemical Pharmacy of the University of Granada and after a short time he was transfered to that of the same name in the University of Barcelona, where he ended up being Dean of the Pharmaceutical College.

He carried out analysis of waters and he published some works of Chemistry, as well as a textbook on his subject. Botany was the most outstanding part from its contribution to science. He collected plants from many Catalan districts and he ended up gathering an important herbarium, of about 25.000 samples that is conserved in the Botanical Institute of Barcelona. He was commissioned for the Delegation of Barcelona in the United States to study the phylloxera resistant American vines, about which he published a detailed report in 1881. He was one of the founders and main conservatives of the Botanical Society From Barcelona and member of other scientific institutions as the Real Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona, the Société Helvétique pour l'Échange des Plantes and the Société Botanique de France.

Main works

  • Lecciones de Farmacia Químico-inorgánica (1871)
  • Informe acerca de las cepas de los Estados Unidos de América consideradas bajo el punto de vista de los recursos que pueden prestarnos para la repoblación de los viñedos destruidos por la filoxera (1881).
  • Contribución a la flora catalana. Catálogo de las plantas observadas en la montaña de Requesens. (1897).
  • Observaciones sobre los Hieracium de Cataluña (1899).

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Trèmols Borrell, Frederic