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Costa Cuixart, Antoni Cebriá

València 1817 - Barcelona 1886. Botanist

He was graduated in Medicine and Surgery in the Real College of Surgery of Barcelona in 1843. He studied, among other places, in the School of Agriculture and Botany of the Meeting of Trade. In 1854 he was licensed in philosophy, section of Natural Sciences, in the University of Barcelona, where he was already a teacher.

In 1869 he obtained the doctorate in Natural Sciences. In 1846 he entered as professor in the University of Barcelona and in 1847 he obtained the class of Botany and he became director of the Botanical Garden of the University. In 1868 he went into early retirement and he left his educational charges. He published a text book about his subject and, among many other works of botanical character, the first flora of Catalunya. He is considered the founder of the modern Catalan school of Botany that started up with young pupils, as Frederic Trèmols, Estanislau Vayreda and Ramon de Bolòs, and culminated with Joan Cadevall. He was also devoted to applied Botany, and he was regal commissary of Agriculture of the province of Barcelona. He was founder of the Botanical Society of Barcelona and member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona (which he presided) and of the Catalan Agriculture Institute of Sant Isidre.

Main works

  • Arbolado de Barcelona (1856)
  • Noticias botánico-agrícolas sobre los pinos d eCataluña (1857)
  • Introducción a la Flora de Cataluña y catálogo razonado de las plantas observadas en esta región (1864)
  • Programa y resumen o compendio de unas lecciones de Botánica general apra los alumnos de las Facultades de Ciencias (1878)
  • La flora de las Baleares y sus exploradores. Especies endémicas. (1882) 

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Costa Cuixart, Antoni Cebriá Costa Cuixart, Antoni Cebriá