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Bolòs Capdevila, Oriol de

Olot, Garrotxa 1924 - Barcelona 2007. Botanist

He became Phytography and Vegetal Ecology Professor (later simply Botany) at University of Barcelona from 1954 onwards, and he retired in 1989. He was also Technical Curator and Director of the Botanic Institute of Barcelona from 1967 to 1983, and he became member of the Royal Academy of Science and Arts of Barcelona and the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (Institute of Catalan Studies).

His scientific work centered mainly in Geobotanics, and he was the author of many descriptive and synthesis studies on the Països Catalans (Catalan Countries). He made crucial contributions to the knowledge of the vegetal and landscape communities, he accomplished several vegetation maps (a part of which still unpublished), and concerning to Floristic, he was the main promoter of the Atlas corològic de la flora vascular dels Països Catalans (Chorological Atlas of the Catalan Countries) and, mainly, of the four volumes of Flora dels Països Catalans (Flora of the Catalan Countries). He still had time to involve himself in the natural heritage management and in the fixation of the scientific terminology, concretely that on botany.

More information about him can be found at the article "Oriol de Bolòs i Capdevila, fitogeògraf, fitocenòleg, botànic" (Oriol de Bolòs i Capdevila, phytogeographer, phytocenologist, botanist) published by Josep Vigo in 1998 at the homage volume that University of Barcelona tributed to him.

Main Works

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