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Vayreda Vila, Estanislau

Olot (Garrotxa) 1848 - Olot (Garrotxa) 1901. Botanist, Ornithologist

He was graduated in Pharmacy in Barcelona in 1868. He was military pharmacist in the carline army and this was, in fact, the only professional dedication that he exercised, because he was a farmer that was devoted to take care of the family estates, therefore he had a lot of free time for the cultivation of science.

He published some articles on chemical pharmacology and a remarcable catalog of birds of the districts of Girona. His more outstanding scientific contribution, however, was in the field of Botany. He collected plants regularly in diverse Catalan districts and he made a herbarium of about 40.000 samples that is conserved in the Botanical Institute of Barcelona; also, a certain number of samples of Vayreda are conserved in the Real College XII Alfonso of San Lorenzo of the Escorial. He supplied a botanical garden in Lledó, where he ended up cultivating more than 350 species. He wrote diverse contributions to the domestic flora and he was one of the first authors of the Renaixença in publishing some scientific works in Catalan. He was member of the Reial Acadèmia de Ciències i Arts of Barcelona, of the Real Spanish Society of Natural History, of the Botanical Society From Barcelona, of the Linneana Matritense Society, of the Société Helvétique pour l'Échange des Plantes and of the Catalan Association of Trips.

Main works

  • Plantas notables por su utilidad o rareza que crecen espontáneamente en Cataluña, o sea Apuntes para la flora catalana (1879)
  • Excursió botànica al Baix Ampurdà (1881)
  • Catàlech de la flora de la vall de Núria (1882)
  • Fauna ornitológica de la provincia de Gerona (1883)
  • Ensayo de Jardín Botánico de Aclimatación en Lladó, provincia de Gerona (1889)
  • Catàleg de la Flòrula de la Mare de Déu del Mont (1920) 

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Vayreda Vila, Estanislau