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Landerer Climent, Josep Joaquim

València 1841 - Tortosa, Baix Ebre 1922. Astronomer

In 1865 he began to publish his works about astronomy in specialised French journals as he was living in France during some years. He studied the solar eclipses that were visible from Spain in1900 and 1905. He collaborated in the foundation of the Observatorio del Ebro and published most of his works.

Main works

  • Principios de geología y paleontología
  • Monografía paleontológica del piso óptico de Tortosa, Chert y Benifazá
  • Introducción al estudio sobre el origen del granito y la caliza
  • Introducción a la mineralogía micrográfica 

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Landerer Climent, Josep Joaquim