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Castells Vidal, Paulí

Barcelona 1877 - 1956. Manufacturer

He was Professor of mathematical analysis at the Escola d’Enginyers Industrials de Barcelona, where he was also the director from 1913 to 1932.

He invented an “algebraic balance” that was used to obtain the result from an algebraic equation with one unknown factor. Some of his works were published by the Reial Acadèmia de Ciències i Arts de Barcelona.




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Castells Vidal, Paulí Algebric - P CASTELLS. Two pages of the advertising document - in bilingual! -. With the Algebric, created after the Weighing Balance, he intended to earn money. There is a copy in the Barcelona School of Industrial Engineering. Algebraic Scale (Balanza Algebraica) - speech. It is the cover of the presentation conference that he made to the Association of Industrial Engineers of Barcelona in 1908. Algebraic Scale - P CASTELLS. Photo of the copy in the Barcelona School of Industrial Engineering. It is one of the two copies he made. The other copy belonged to the family.