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Casablancas Planell, Ferran

Sabadell 1874 - Barcelona 1960. Manufacturer

He studied the problems in some textile fibres and in 1913 he invented a machine for making cotton fibres that was a revolution in the cotton industry.

His invention was officially presented at the Escola Industrial de Sabadell, it was patented and used in a lot of different countries. Later on he improved his invention creating new models that were also used throughout the world. He was a militant in the Lliga Regionalista and president of the Banc de Sabadell from 1926 to 1960. He promoted the creation of the Asociación de Hiladores, the Mutua Sabadellenca de Accidentes de Trabajo, the Museo de Sabadell (where nowadays there is a room with his name), and he supported a project for bringing water to Sabadell (1920 and 1949-1951). In 1941 the Textile Institute of Manchester nominated Casablancas as an honorific member and he became the first foreign inventor who received this distinction. He received different prizes recognising his work.

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Casablancas Planell, Ferran