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Sais i Plaja, Trinitat
La Bisbal d'Empordà 1878 - Barcelona 1933

Doctor. La Bisbal d'Empordà, 1878 - Barcelona, 1933. Being a doctor in Catalonia, at the beginning of the XX century, was a difficult challenge that few women dared to face. Among these was Trinitat Sais i Plaja, the eighth Catalan woman to graduate in medicine and the first to read the inaugural lecture at the Medical Association of Barcelona.


Salvans i Casas, Ignàsia
Manresa 1906 - Barcelona 1970

Doctor, pharmacist. She was one of the forty women who graduated between 1906 and the beginning of the Spanish Civil War at the new Faculty of Medicine on Casanova Street in Barcelona (where the current Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona is found).


Sierra i Ràfols, Eugeni
Barcelona 1919 - Barcelona 1999

Illustrator, botanist. He began his training as a self-taught illustrator and plant collector under the guidance of Pius Font i Quer in the Department of Botany at the University of Barcelona when he was only fourteen years old. In 1937 he became a plant collector. Before the civil war broke out, he had already published the first illustrations in Flora de Catalunya (Flora of Catalonia, Cadevall i Font i Quer, 1913-1973) and in Iniciació a la Botànica (Introduction to Botany, Font i Quer, 1938).