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Josep Ramon

Bataller i Calatayud, Josep Ramon
La Pobla del Duc, Vall d'Albaida 1890 - Barcelona 1962

Paleontologist, geologist. He studied natural sciences in Barcelona. In 1920 he got his Ph.D. degree in Madrid showing his research about the Jurassic period in Tarragona. His interest in geology and paleontology was due to his relation with Jaume Almera, who was his Professor and who founded the geological museum from Barcelona.


Cervera i Astor, Leandre
Gràcia, Barcelona 1891 - Barcelona 1964

Veterinary, doctor. He worked together with Ramon Turró in the Laboratori Municipal de Barcelona, in the physiology school of August Pi i Sunyer and in the Institut de Fisiologia (1920).


Domingo i Sanjuán, Pere
Tarragona 1896 - Barcelona 1979

Biologist. In 1920, he got his Ph.D. degree in medicine in Barcelona. He collaborated with Ramon Turró in the Laboratori Municipal where he made some interesting research in bacteriology, immunology and sanity.


Duran i Reynals, Francesc
Barcelona 1899 - New Haven (EUA) 1958

Doctor, researcher. He got his Ph.D. degree in Barcelona in 1925 and became disciple of August Pi Sunyer. He did some practical research in the Institut de Fisiologia and in the Laboratori Municipal del Parc, directed by Ramon Turró. He was a member of the Societat Catalana de Biologia and also a member of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans.


García del Cid i Arias, Francesc
Málaga 1897 - Barcelona 1965

Biologist. In 1918 he finished his studies on Natural Science in the University of Barcelona, and in 1930, he got his graduation on Medicine and Surgery. He obtained his Ph.D. in the University of Madrid in 1922.


Mira i López, Emili
Santiago de Cuba 1896 - Brasil 1964

Doctor. Son of a family doctor, at the end of the Cuban War (1898) he moved with his family to Galicia, and afterwards to Catalonia, where he completed his higher education. In 1917, at the age of 20, he received his medical degree with extraordinary honors from the University of Barcelona. In 1923, he obtained his Ph.D. with Distinction at the University of Madrid.


Pascual i Vila, Josep
Mataró 1895 - Barcelona 1979

Chemist. He was born in Mataró in 1895, son of Pere Pascual i Tayeda and Gertrudis Vila i Ribes. He died in Barcelona in 1979.


Pedro i Pons, Agustí
Barcelona 1898 - Barcelona 1971

Doctor, educator. Doctor. He studied with Francesc Esquerdo i Ferrer i Soldevicens, and in 1927 he became Professor of pathology and clinical medicine at the faculty of medicine in Barcelona, where he was also a teacher. He attended several congresses and was the president of different institutions: the Instituto Médico-farmacéutico, the Academia de Ciencias Médicas (1939-58) and the Academia de Medicina de Barcelona (1957-71).


Trueta i Raspall, Josep
Barcelona 1897 - Barcelona 1977

Doctor. Orthopaedic surgeon. He finished medicine studies in Barcelona in 1921 and he got his Ph.D. degree in 1922. He worked in Hospital de la Santa Creu i de Sant Pau collaborating with Manuel Croachán.

Josep Lluís

Vives i Comallonga, Josep Lluís
Figueres 1897 - Barcelona 1995

Forest Engineer. He joined at the faculty in 1934 and worked in the service of the Republican government between 1931 and 1939 as the head of the Girona Forestry Services Office, and as professor of silviculture and topography illustrator at the Barcelona School of Agricultural Engineering. Living through the Spanish civil war he was appointed to the Barcelona Provincial Council and the Pyrenees Hydrographic Confederation in 1958.


Xalabarder i Puig, Conrad
Caldes de Montbui, Vallès Occidental 1899 - Barcelona 1979

Doctor. In 1923 he finished his studies in medicine in Barcelona and at 1924 he stared to work in the sanatorium of Torrebonica, where two years after he became the director. In 1927 he got his Ph.D. degree with a research about the sodic tiosulphate application in the tuberculosis treatment.