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Vallmitjana i Rovira, Lluís
Torredemabarra 1914 - Barcelona 2006

Naturalist, biologist. Professor of animal and plant histology at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Barcelona. He was a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona (1982) and the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia (1983). Among his contributions to Catalan science, the promotion of electron microscopy and the creation of the Scientific-Technical Services of the University of Barcelona, are noteworthy.


Vaquer i Timoner, Josep
Maó 1928 - Barcelona 2020

Mathematician. He graduated in Mathematics in 1954, was a professor at the University of Barcelona since 1955, received his doctorate in 1960 and obtained the Chair of Metric Geometry and Differential Geometry at the same UB, where he was also dean.


Vayreda i Vila, Estanislau
Olot (Garrotxa) 1848 - Olot (Garrotxa) 1901

Botanist. He was graduated in Pharmacy in Barcelona in 1868. He was military pharmacist in the carline army and this was, in fact, the only professional dedication that he exercised, because he was a farmer that was devoted to take care of the family estates, therefore he had a lot of free time for the cultivation of science.

Joaquim Josep

Veà i Baró, Joaquim Josep
Barcelona 1958 - 2016

Primatologist. Professor of Psychobiology at the University of Barcelona and director of the university’s Special Centre for Primate Research at the same. His research in the jungles of Zaire and Veracruz centered around the relationships between the environment and the behaviour of non-human primates in nature, and the changes provoked in these relationships due to human activity.


Via i Boada, Lluís
Vilafranca del Penedès 1910 - Barcelona 1991

Geologist, paleontologist. He studied ecclesiastical (1923-35) and natural sciences (1945-51) and, in 1959, received his doctorate from the University of Barcelona. He continued the geological school of the Conciliar Seminary of Barcelona and the direction of the Geological Museum of the Seminary of Barcelona, ??founded by the canon Jaume Almera.

Lluís Maria

Vidal i Carreras, Lluís Maria
Barcelona 1842 - Barcelona 1922

Geologist, engineer. Mine engineer and geologist. He worked in the mines of Linares (Andalucía) and Almadén (Castilla la Nueva). In 1881 he was the engineer boss of the mines from Girona and in 1883 he was the director of the mine section at the Societat del Ferrocarril i Mines de Sant Joan de les Abadesses. 

Josep Maria

Vidal i Llenas, Josep Maria
Valls 1913 - Barcelona 2019

Physicist, meteorologist. He was born in Valls in 1913. He graduated in Physics and Chemistry at the University of Barcelona (1934) and received his Ph.D. in Physical Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid (1944), with a thesis on the electrical conductivity of air, directed by the Dr. Isidre Pòlit (Alella, 1880 - Barcelona, 1958).


Vidal i Soler, Sebastià
Barcelona 1842 - Manila 1889

Forest Engineer. After finishing his studies in 1865 he travelled to the Philippines to work as a forest inspector. In 1871 and 1876 he created the Commission of Flora and Forestry Statistics, of which he was named the head whilst also working as the director of the Botanic Gardens of Manila (1878-1889). He was an eminent botanist and wrote various pieces of work about the flora of the Philippineswhich contrasted with collections around the rest of the world.


Vilanova i Piera, Joan
València 1821 - Madrid 1893

Geologist. He got his Ph.D. degree in medicine and science, he also studied geology in Paris and was Professor at the University of Madrid. He published some of his works as: Manual de geología; Tratado de geología agricola; Teoría y práctica de pozos artesianos; Origen, naturaleza y antigüedad del hombre; Descripcions de viatges europeus.


Virgili i Rodon, Carmina
Barcelona 1927 - Barcelona 2014

Geologist. Catalan eminent geologist . She published books and over a hundred articles on everything in the field of stratigraphy and paleogeography of Triassic and Permian periods in Catalonia, Spain and Western Europe.


Vives i Codina, Josep
Callús, Bages 1931 - Barcelona 1993

Botanist. Since he was a child he was very interested in studying the plants, he was considered an enthusiastic botanist. When he was 14 years old, he was admitted to work in the Institut Botànic de Barcelona, without being paid.

Josep Lluís

Vives i Comallonga, Josep Lluís
Figueres 1897 - Barcelona 1995

Forest Engineer. He joined at the faculty in 1934 and worked in the service of the Republican government between 1931 and 1939 as the head of the Girona Forestry Services Office, and as professor of silviculture and topography illustrator at the Barcelona School of Agricultural Engineering. Living through the Spanish civil war he was appointed to the Barcelona Provincial Council and the Pyrenees Hydrographic Confederation in 1958.