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Margalef i López, Ramon

Barcelona 1919 - Barcelona 2004. Ecologist.

Ramon Margalef was emeritus professor of Ecology at the Biology College of the University of Barcelona. Unfortunately, last May 23rd 2004 Ramon Margalef left us and, behind him, he left a enormous scientific and human legacy.

Ramon Margalef, unquestionablely one of the most important scientists that our country has given, had worked in the Institute of Applied Biology (1946-1951), and in the Fisheries Research Institute, which he directed during 1966-1967. He created the Department of Ecology of the University of Barcelona, from where he formed a huge number of ecologists, limnologists and oceanographs. In 1967, he became Spain's first professor of ecology. Some of his most important works include the aplication of Information Theory to the ecological studies and the creation of mathematical models for the study of the populations. Between his books, we must citate: Natural Comunities (1962), Perspectives In Ecological Theory (1968), Ecology (1974), The Biosphere (1980), Limnology (1983) and Theory of the ecological systems (1991). He has received many scientific awards, like the first edition of the Huntsman Award (the «Nobel» in oceanography), the Naumann-Thienemann of Limnology, the Ramón y Cajal Award, and the Golden Medal of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan government).

Main works

  • Comunitats Naturals (1962)
  • Perspectives en teoria ecològica (1968)
  • Ecologia (1974)
  • La Biosfera (1980)
  • Limnologia (1983)
  • Teoria dels sistemes ecològics (1991)

For more information

  • Ramon Margalef i Guillem Colom: diàleg epistolar entre dos savis, mestres i pioners de la ciència. Guillem Mateu. Universitat de les Illes Balears (2009)  

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