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Font i Quer, Pius

Lleida 1888 - Barcelona 1964. Pharmacist, botanist, chemist.

He finished chemistry studies in Barcelona (1908) and got his Ph.D. degree of pharmacy in 1914 in Madrid. In 1917 he became Professor of botany in the faculty of pharmacy at the Universitat de Barcelona (1917-1922),

He was also a teacher at the Escola d'Estiu and at the Escola Superior d'Agricultura and in 1933 he was teacher of botany in the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona. He directed the Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona (1921) and was one of the organizers of the Institut Botànic. He presided the science section of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans in 1958 and of the Institució Catalana d'Història Natural from 1931 to 1934; he was the vice-president of the International Botany Congress in Paris (1954) and Edinburg (1964). He funded the botanical journal Cavanillesia (1928-1938). In 1939 he was put on a trial and he lost all his academic titles. More than 220 of his works were published contributing to the Spanish flora knowledge. In 1953 he published a synthesis about the botanical geography of Spain and he started to study specially the Catalan flora. He was also very interested in plant terminology as he was suggesting new scientific names to the common ones. In his book called Plantas medicinales (1962) he collected 10.000 common names of Spanish plants.

Main works

  • Diccionario de Botánica (1953)
  • Iniciació a la Botánica (1938)
  • Plantas medicinales (1962) 

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